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Creating a global market for digitalized scent.

We enable a global infrastructure for scent data trading.

Scent Store

A future connected by the sense of smell, the last of the five senses not yet digitally marketed.

The scent infrastructure that Horizon enables has the potential to fundamentally change our lives, much like how music and movies transitioned from physical rentals to subscription services.




Universal Scent Format

International standard data format

International standards, like music data, are essential for the "creation, trading, and reproduction" of scents. We have developed the standards themselves and made them freely available to everyone. This will expand the market for digitized scents to the entire world.


Scent Store

Scent data marketplace

No longer is it necessary to go to the store to buy aromatic oils or diffusers in order to purchase a new scent or smell a sample. Just as we have moved from the days of renting DVDs and CDs in stores to being able to direct our daily lives with music as we wish, we can allow ourselves to design our days more freely with scents.


Universal Scent Platform

Secure copyright management

Anyone can create scent data based on the standards we have developed. However, if the copyright of the scent itself is not protected, the creator will be at a great disadvantage. To prevent this, we have developed a mechanism to protect the copyright of scents through blockchain technology.


Here are some of the fascinating examples of the marketplaces we have created.

IP owners


Individuals or entities with intellectual property (IP) can create their own scent content associated with their IP more affordably and easily. This represents a fresh approach to harnessing the appeal of the IP and an opportunity to pioneer new means of engaging with their fans.

Perfume manufacturing companies


For perfume manufacturing companies that are constantly developing new fragrances, this will significantly reduce the cost and effort associated with sending samples to stakeholders. It also proves to be highly convenient when having customers test sample scents, making it a valuable resource for selling their perfumes on e-commerce platforms.

Advertising agencies


By utilizing our platform, advertising agencies will be able to propose advertisements that utilize the "scent" method, which strongly affects people's memories and perceptions. This platform will enable agencies to break through the boundaries of expression that have been imagined but technically impossible, and create creative that has never been seen before.

Game development companies


Gaming companies can provide more excitement to users by incorporating scent into the user experience. The immersion of the experience that scent can provide is powerful. It allows for the design of more exciting and fantastic experiences.


Alex Tsai

Entrepreneur born in Taiwan and raised in Osaka. He was in charge of advertising management and feature production at Rakuten Group and won MVP award for purchasing page planning using natural language processing technology. Started a private accommodation business, expanding to 400 rooms and annual sales of 600 million yen in one year, and also developed a hotel business; after transferring the business in 2017, founded an IT company using blockchain technology in 2018. Developed skill-sharing, HR evaluation, automatic shift creation, and delivery systems, which were introduced to Korakuen, ANA, Gyukaku, Kappa Sushi, Denny's, Pepper Lunch, and others. He has been featured as one of the world's top five blockchain applications in real business by the MIT Sloan School of Management in the United States.


If you would like to work with us to create a global market for scents, or if you are a company that would like to make your great IP shine with a new appeal, please contact us below.


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